We bring innovation to light by adding context to content.

We are a Brand Strategy + Design Studio with a passion for helping startups find their message, define their story and standout in today’s competitive, ever-changing market.

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In 2018, recognizing that smart ideas have a story to tell and a context that makes them work, founding partners Jeff Howell and Kurt Parker joined forces to form the Contextual Branding Group.
Jeff Howell
Brand Strategy
Jeff is a writer with a background crafting stories for some of the biggest publishers in the video game industry including Microsoft, Capcom and Square Enix.

Prior to working in the gaming industry Jeff refined his craft in Hollywood, finding the importance of story, character and narrative as a script writer.

With his diverse background in gaming and tech, Jeff is applying his unique narrative skillset to help startups find their message and tell their story.
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Kurt Parker
Brand Design
Kurt worked at Nike in Global Brand Design on projects ranging from rebranding the NIKEiD story and product experience to designing the new Nike hangtag system.

Prior to Nike, Kurt helped rebrand Brooks Running, worked with 180 Amsterdam on the Global Integrated Campaign for DHL and Branding for Western Union.

Kurt earned his advertising and design chops at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland and Amsterdam working on projects for Nike, Heineken, EA and Nokia.
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With expertise in a diverse range of industries, we build brands rooted in considered strategy, engaging storytelling, innovative design and focused execution.

Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed Brand Strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.
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Brand Design

Brand Design's main objective is to communicate the Strategy effectively to the target audience with unique elements, such as logo, voice, tone, font, color and photography.
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Creative Services

This is the articulation of the Brand as seen through various media channels: Capabilities Deck, Website, Brand Film, Social Media Strategy, Brand Collateral & White Papers.
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Kevin Kelly, a co-founder of Wired magazine, recounts a prophetic conversation with Google co-founder Larry Page in the earliest years of Google’s existence. He asked Mr. Page “Why would anyone want to build another search engine when we have Alta Vista?” Mr. Page responded:

“It’s not to make a search engine. It’s to make an AI.”